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Position: Accounts Officer

About the Company:

Jyoti Group is a well known and one of the most established companies in Nepal. It has been working in the field of automobile, trading, production, travel and tours, finances and whatnot. accounting Jobs in Nepal

It has spread its branches and business all over Nepal and help the entire country by its amazing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Furthermore, It has the manpower strength of more than 2000 employees all over Nepal. Likewise, this time this company is searching for the accountants in Nepal to work in hand with them.

General Information:

Job Category: Accounts/Finance/taxation

Job Type: Full Time job working hours will be 8 hours per day

Level of job: Mid Level reports to the immediate senior.

Type of Company: Trading

Location of job: Both inside and outside the valley.

Number of vacancies: 10

Jobs requirement:

  1. The candidate must have at least 2 years’ experience in the field of accounts and finances. Likewise, the working experience in taxation as well.
  2. Qualification required for this post will be at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of accounts and finances.
  3. Furthermore, The preference will be given to a master’s degree or more. In addition to this, “If the candidate has experience the qualification won’t play the big role.”
  4. This post searches for skills such as Excel, Word and working knowledge of accounting software like Swastik and Tally.
  5. Ability to file VAT returns, TDS Returns and Advance Tax Returns.
  6. Must be punctual and value time.
  7. Strong communication skills along with a sense of responsibility while performing every task.

Job Description;

  1. Must book journal entries in the accounting software for every expense.
  2. Must follow a double-entry system for every entry.
  3. The booking entry compensates for the payment entries. The accounts must settle each other in any condition.
  4. Similarly, No outstanding balances should reflect the books of accounts to the extent possible.
  5. Create a plan with the finance manager on how accounts can be more viable and strong.
  6. Manipulation in the books of accounts is not acceptable. So, all the possible loopholes must be fixed.
  7. Time to Time interaction with our Internal and Statutory Auditors.
  8. Report everything in the weekly accounts meeting of the organization. Even petty issues in the books of accounts should not be missed.

Apply Instructions:

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Accounting jobs in Nepal